I work hard to create wealth for me and my family.

How can I make my wealth work harder for us?

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Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. With the right steps, you can keep the ocean pristine, for eternity. Research suggests that right asset allocation attributes to more than 80% of portfolio performance and helps in reducing volatility. To enable this, you have to ensure that your money is always working for you instead of keeping it idle in low-yielding asset classes like Gold or Real Estate under current market conditions.

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How do I make my investments inflation-proof?

It is important to create wealth in a manner that has the potential to beat inflation. Generally, equity investments grow at a rate much higher than inflation, provided one holds on to them for a longer period of time (even during volatile times). We believe that time in market is more important than timing the market. You advisor should recommend the suitable investment avenues taking into account your risk profile and investment objectives.

How can I protect the wealth I want to transfer to my next generation?

We all want something to last beyond our time. To preserve your wealth, debt allocation of the portfolio plays a significant role. Your advisor should be able to help you in identifying the suitable debt investment products taking into account the expected interest rate movements, safety of underlying investments, expense ratio, and tax efficiency.

How do I keep calm when stock markets go up & down?

Even the best predictions can go wrong. Volatility is a reality of financial markets. To ensure that you are able to ride through the portfolio volatility, you must make investments that suit your risk profile, by having appropriate asset allocation. Your advisor should be able to handhold you during volatile times and ensure that you don’t take any emotional decisions when there is a fall in your portfolio value.

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