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Wadhawan Global Capital launches wealth management biz

Atul Singh


Financial services group Wadhawan Global Capital today announced its foray into wealth management with the introduction of WGC Wealth.

The wealth management arm -- WGC Wealth -- aims to serve clients across the ultra HNI (high networth individual) HNI, and auent segment.

"With an increase in upwardly mobile and wealthy Indians, the wealth management business with a distinct trust, technology, transparency-driven and advisory-led approach is a logical next step for us to add to our business lines," WGC Chairman Kapil Wadhawan said in a statement.

WGC, which manages over USD 22 billion of assets, oers investments, lending, succession planning, and protection services for investors in the country.

"The potential of the wealth management industry in India is undisputed, and there is an opportunity to build the business by oering right advice and dierentiated experience to clients," WGC Wealth CEO Atul Singh said.

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