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Emerging market currencies like INR have an inherent bias to depreciate against global currencies owing to inflation differentials between economies. This keeps reducing the purchasing power of INR. Also, it would be useful to have a safe nest, as it shields you from any negative impact on your assets and investments in your home country.
Taking a global approach whilst planning for investments would help you address the above. However, investment landscape outside India is quite vast and complex; and you might need hand-holding in selection of markets, routes to markets, tax treatment, expenses, selection of managers, liquidity, etc.
Although, Indian markets have been growing at a healthy pace, value of the Indian investments might not be adequate to meet offshore expenses, when you need to make those.

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How can I get quality investment advice for offshore investments?

While offshore investments may seem exciting, it may not yield desired results if not done under proper guidance. It is important to consult someone who understands and can help you understand the risks and evaluate when to enter/exit and track regulations and markets on an ongoing basis. Doing this will help you evaluate options across all markets, before and after making the move.

Can I buy real estate or expand business outside India?

Indian regulations allow resident Indians to buy real estate as well as expand businesses outside India. You might be scanning complementary opportunities for business acquisitions or expansion. You may also be looking to buy real estate outside India for your kids, a vacation home or for staying during business visits. While doing this, it is imperative to have considered appropriate structures, country regulations, and have access to the right set of advisors.

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